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There is a problem with all Blackjack advantage calculators (prior to this one). They're inaccurate. They provide what is called top of the deck basic strategy advantage. That is the advantage for the first hand after a shuffle. They ignore the cut card effect. I won't go into an explanation here, but it has long been known that the use of a cut card alters advantage. The calculations here take into account this effect. Another problem is that calculators tend to ignore the fact that rules inter-react. That is, rules affect each other. So, you cannot simply add together a fixed value for each rule to come up with a total advantage. This calculator takes into account most of these inter-reactions.

Below, you will find a set of common rules. Below the rules, you will find six values. The values represent the player advantage as a percent. For example, -.5 means you have a .5% disadvantage given the selected rules. That is, for every $100 you bet at the start of the round, you will lose 50 cents. You will also note that some of the numbers are positive indicating an advantage for the player. Alas, such games are now extremely rare in casinos. The Single-Fixed column provides numbers for single-deck games where a fixed number of rounds are dealt. All other columns assume that a cut-card is used.

You can see that Single-Cut is worse than Single-Fixed. Only two decimals are provided in the Single-Cut column because the edge varies more in single-deck than in multi-deck according to the number of rounds. Simply change the rules checked to calculate new numbers.

Double Down after Split
Double Down on 9, 10, 11 only
Double Down on 10, 11 only
Double Down on 11 only
Dealer hits soft 17
No Hole card (Dealer BJ wins all)
Resplit Aces
Blackjack pays 6:5
Blackjack pays 2:1
Late Surrender or ES10 with no hole card
Early Surrender


Single Fixed
Single Cut

  • D11 (nDAS) – Double on 11 only. Calculated with no double after split as D11 is usually found in nDAS games.
  • D10 (nDAS) – Double on 10 and 11 only. Calculated with no double after split as D10 is usually found in nDAS games.
  • D9 (DAS) – Double on 9, 10, and 11 only. Calculated with double after split as D9 is usually found in DAS games.
  • ES (S17) – Early Surrender in a dealer stands on soft-17 game. Early Surrender does not exist in single-deck games except in my dreams.
  • BJ pays 2:1 – A wonderful bonus.
  • BJ pays 6:5 – A scam.

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