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Chapter Plus Seven

Casino Conditions

I cannot overemphasize the importance of table selection., That is, refusing to sit at tables with bad rules and penetration and investing the time to locate the good tables. Typical gamblers tend to make a big deal out of hot and cold tables. But they base this on the irrelevant recent history of the table. Here we will spend some time on the relevant differences between tables.

In Volume II, we will look at substantial data on the advantages enjoyed in thousands of variations of these conditions using the strategies in this book.



We have seen the rules, and the effects of the rules. Now, how often do we actually find these rules in casinos?

This section includes a set of charts summarizing the rules that are currently in effect in the U.S. The data behind the charts was supplied by Viktor Nachtís Trackjack site ( This is a subscription service that tracks casino conditions. I used only U.S. data here, as it is the most complete. About 8,500 Blackjack tables are included in the data.


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