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Multi-Parameter Side Counts

Multi-Parameter tables are normally used to improve playing efficiency by including the effect of the cards counted as zero. For example, in Hi-Opt II, 8, 9, and ace are counted as zero. The method is quite complex as it involves a side-count in addition to the running count, additional table memorization, and additional calculations. In addition to the normal index tables, you need to memorize a new set of index tables used to make adjustments based on the side count.

With Casino Vrit, you select the cards that you wish to side count say eights. (Multiple cards may be side-counted as a group.) The following occurs:

  Calculate the number of excess eights in the remaining cards (may be negative)

  Multiply this number by the index value in the multi-parameter table for the current hand

  Temporarily subtract this from the running count

  Recalculate the true count according to the current strategy's instructions, for playing purposes only

Example: Suppose you have 9 vs. 2. The deck has two excess eights. The Hi-Opt II MP index for 9v2 with a side count of eights is 2. Multiply that 2 by the 2 excess eights. You now temporarily reduce your running count by 4, making it less likely that you will double. This makes sense since the excess eights make it easier for the dealer to get a 20. This would have been missed by the normal Hi-Opt II count since it ignores eights.

Hi-Opt I multi-parameter indexes can be found in The Worlds Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble and Carl Cooper, and Hi-Opt II multi-parameter indexes can be found in The Hi-Opt II Report by Lance Humble and Julian Braun. The latter report may no longer be in print.

Note: This process is very difficult and rarely used these days.


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