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Chapter Plus Nine


This chapter contains descriptions of several Blackjack related pitfalls to avoid. I am not a lawyer and make no claims about the legality of any of these areas. My comments are strictly based on my own opinions.

Free Online Casino eBooks 

 I have seen several people advertising free eBooks on how to win money at online casinos. Sometimes they refer to “cheating” the online casinos. Are these eBooks really free? Usually yes. But do they give good advice. Often no.

Here is the problem. These eBooks typically point you to a page that lists their “recommended casinos.” What they do not mention is that they get a kickback from these casinos if you lose. (That is, they are affiliates of the casinos.) So, for the eBook author to make money, you must lose money. That is, they do not want you to win. In this case, why would you trust them to give you good advice?

There are a couple of good books on the subject if you are in a country where online gambling is legal:


BeatWebCasinos.Com by Bill Haywood

Crushing the Internet Casinos by Barry Meadow


 The information in these books is likely to be more trustworthy since the authors gain nothing if you lose. Read the terms and conditions very carefully at any online casino. This is particularly true for online Poker rooms as you may find it difficult to withdraw bonuses at these rooms without a great deal of risky play. As Tom Waits once said, “The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away.”


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