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Harbinger of the future?

After seeing the sign advertising “Single-Deck Blackjack with a whopping 6:5 payoff” I wondered if we would be treated to more great new deals like:

Ø  “No tens in the shoe so you won’t bust as often.”

Ø  “Maximize your profits, all tens are split automatically.”

Ø  “To keep the game fair, dealer shuffles when too many low cards have been dealt.”

Ø   “Party BJ, when you get a BJ not only do you automatically win 2 for 1, you have to drink a shot of Bacardi 151.”

Ø  “Double Down and we always give you two cards, not just one like everywhere else.”

Ø  “Third base is never allowed to hit — so he can’t take the dealer bust card.”

Ø  “Blackjack paid at an amazing 2 for 1 instead of just 1.5 to 1.”

Ø  “Highest Blackjack payoff in Vegas — 100 to 100.”

Ø   “NO BUST BJ — Hitting a stiff isn’t allowed — so you will never bust.”

Ø  “For added fun, both dealer cards are hidden.”

Ø  “Double your winnings – Dealer can split eights.”

Ø  “Bonus BJ — Dealer starts with two cards; but you start with three.”

Ø  “Reverse BJ — you get to see BOTH DEALER CARDS – and one of your own.”

Ø  “No need to worry about mistakes or bring BS tables, all playing decisions are made by the dealer according to a strategy we found on an Internet casino site.”

Ø  “Our big winners will get their photographs sent to all other casinos absolutely free of charge.”

Ø  “Your hotel room under 24-hour surveillance for your protection.”

Ø  “Bigger than anywhere else in Vegas — An infinite number of decks.”

I seem to remember the Union Plaza used to have a 100-deck Baccarat game with a four-foot long shoe.


 © 2009 Norman Wattenberger

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