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Chapter Plus Twelve

Untying the Knots

This chapter is an overall summary to Volume I. Pardon the stream-of-consciousness style as I dump a few final thoughts.

Your “Real” Advantage

Most of the tables and performance comparisons in this book assume perfect play. However, there are many forces at play that can affect that advantage. Errors, cover betting, leaving at a good count because of heat, leaving at a good count because of low cash on hand, a back-counter entering your table and eating some of the good cards, tipping, throwing a few bucks in a slot machine for cover, expenses, variation in penetration at a table, missing dealer errors, etc. Expenses are of particular concern to a pro. Keep in mind that your “real advantage” may not be as good as your theoretical advantage, and work to minimize the difference. Don’t be fooled into thinking you enjoy the full advantage in the books.

Your “Real” Bankroll

Suppose you have a $10,000 bankroll. Suppose you lose half, decide this is not the game for you, and stop playing altogether. That may be the correct move. But, you never had a $10,000 bankroll in the first place if you completely stop after losing half. You had a $5,000 bankroll. The problem here is that any risk calculations that you made assuming the larger bankroll were incorrect. If you go through the exercise of making risk calculations, make certain that you use your “real bankroll” in those calculations.

Your Persona

Persona literally means mask. In ancient Greek theater, all actors were male, and actors played multiple parts in the same play.


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