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Appendix A


Expanded indexes for REKO and FELT are included in this appendix. These indexes can be used to increase your SCOREs. A few comments:

Ų  Indexes are more valuable in pitch games than shoe games.

Ų  Very negative indexes have little value. Large positive indexes add a bit more value, but still not a great deal.

Ų  Split and soft-double indexes have less value than hit/stand and doubling indexes as the plays occur less frequently.

Ų  These are risk-averse indexes, described on page 533. Thus, they will not always look like typical indexes for K-O and Revere Point Count.

Index Tables

·         REKO 8-Deck, S17                            Page 246

·         REKO 6-Deck, S17                            Page 248

·         REKO 6-Deck, H17                           Page 250

·         REKO 2-Deck, S17                            Page 252

·         REKO 2-Deck, H17                           Page 254

·         REKO 1-Deck, H17                           Page 256

·         FELT 6-Deck S17                               Page 258

·         FELT 6-Deck H17                              Page 260

·         FELT 1-Deck H17                              Page 262

·         REKO 6-Deck, ENHC, ES10           Page 264

·         FELT 6-Deck, ENHC, ES10             Page 266

·         Early Surrender                                   Page 268


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