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Reference Material


Schlesinger, Don Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way RGE Publishing, 1997, third edition, soft cover 2005 — Excellent text on expert play and Blackjack statistics from today’s leading Blackjack authority. Over 500 pages of concentrated information on the science of Blackjack. Must have for anyone serious about the game. But it shouldn’t be your first Blackjack book. (Note: 85 pages of tables in this book were generated with Casino Vérité products.)

Blaine, Rick Blackjack Blueprint: How to Play Like a Pro ... Part-Time Huntington Press, 2005 — This excellent new text covers everything from beginning card counting strategy to advanced subjects like team play, shuffle tracking, camouflage, and transport of money. The author was an executive at a Fortune 500 company who has played BJ on the side for a quarter-century.

 Griffin, Peter The Theory of Blackjack Huntington Press, 1979, sixth edition 1999 — For mathematicians who want the deep details of BJ theory. Griffin is considered the foremost authority on BJ math. This is one of the more difficult Blackjack books to read and will not teach you how to count cards but is important in understanding the underlying concepts. The sixth edition was published on 2/28/99.

Thorp, Edward Beat the Dealer Random House, 1966 — Dr. Thorp was not the very first card counter — but this is probably the first serious text on the subject, and it revolutionized Blackjack play. Still a great read from Prof. Blackjack and one of the best-selling Blackjack books, though dated in some areas. It was my first read.


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