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Ř  Super 7’s – This option exists in a few casinos with a few variations. The version included here appears to be the most common. You may make a side bet of only $1 that you will be dealt consecutive sevens. If you are dealt two sevens, you will be dealt a third card, even if the dealer has a Blackjack. If you split sevens, you will be paid for only the first two sevens. Payoff occurs after the second or third card is dealt according to the following table:

·         First card any 7: $3

·         First two cards any 7’s: $50

·         First two cards 7’s same suit: $100

·         First three cards any 7’s $500

·         First three cards 7’s same suit: $5,000

Ř  Double Exposure – Also known as Zweikartenspiel. In one of the more unusual Blackjack games, both dealer cards are dealt face up. Obviously, this gives the player an enormous advantage. To counteract this advantage, the “No Blackjack bonus” and “Dealer wins ties” rules usually accompany this game. Also, there is no insurance bet in Double Exposure. This is a very different game with entirely different playing strategies. I would not suggest playing this option in a casino if you have not fully studied the game. The game was invented by Richard Epstein — who unfortunately neglected to patent it.

Ř  Multiple Action – In this game, the player can place two or three bets. Three betting boxes exist for this purpose for each seat. Normally you must place bets in at least the first two boxes. Relative bet size rules vary by casino. Your play is normal, except that the dealer has no hole card. After you have made all of your playing decisions, the dealer gets three hands. First, the dealer hand is finished and the first bets for all players are resolved. All dealer cards except for the first are then discarded and the dealer hand is again completed using the original first dealer card as a start. All player hands remain as they were. Then the second bets are resolved. This process is repeated again for the third dealer hand. If you double down or split your hand, double down and split bets are added in all bet


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