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Initial Running Count

The advantage occurs at different counts according to the number of decks in the game. This is because removing one of the four aces in a single-deck game has a far greater effect on advantage than removing one of the 24 aces from a six-deck game. Partially to account for this, we start the count at a different number according to the number of decks in the game. We call this starting count the Initial Running Count (IRC). Whenever the cards are shuffled, reset the running count as follows:















Thus, if we are playing six-deck Blackjack, we start the count at -20. Important: If you have read the K-O book, notice that the Initial Running Counts are not the same in REKO.


Clearly, you want to bet more when the remaining cards are more favorable. That is, you bet more when the count is higher. But this must be done carefully to keep your risk low and to avoid being labeled a card counter by the casino.

First you must settle on a bet spread, that is, the ratio of your minimum to maximum bet. For example, betting from $5 to $75 is a bet spread of 1 to 15. The more decks, the higher the bet spread must be to obtain an advantage. Also, the casino finds higher spreads less suspicious with more decks.

In a single-deck game, you may have a spread of 1-4 minimum bets, in an eight-deck game, 1-20 or even 1-24. The bet is raised gradually according to the count. On the next page, you will find sample betting schedules. The Betting/Risk Chapter expands on this subject in great detail.


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