Blackjack Advantage at Very Low True Counts

If you are using a huge number of indices, then your disadvantage at very low true counts is slight. You have the ability to alter your play which makes up for part of your disadvantage. However, these days, few people bother with the negative indices. If you are using the Illustrious 18 (the most useful card counting indexes,) then your advantage at very low TCs drops precipitously. The attached chart shows advantage by TC for two players at the same table. One uses the Illustrious 18 and the other uses a full set of indices. Advantage at TCs below -14 barely changes for the full index player. Advantage for positive TCs continues to grow for both players. Does this mean that you should use a full set of indices? No, very little money is bet at those very low TCs.

Sim particulars: Single deck, three players, 1.6 billion hands per player, four rounds per shuffle, SE at TC -30 was .14. Advanced Omega II was used as it has an excellent set of Single deck indices.

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