Time Spent in Advantage Situations in Balanced vs. Unbalanced Blackjack Strategies

Comparing the percentage of time that two Blackjack systems indicate specified advantages is problematic because the counts are not continuous. Different systems result in different levels of advantage percentage. However, I took a shot at it:

The first chart displays the time spent at certain advantages for KO Blackjack and Hi-Lo.

The second chart shows the advantage at each count (Running Count for KO and True Count for Hi-Lo.)

The third chart shows the frequency of hands at each count. Here, the red and green are charted using a logarithmic scale. The blue ribbon in the back is the same data as the green ribbon plotted with a standard scale. It is there to show why I had to use a logarithmic scale and to show the huge number of hands at a TC of zero in a system that truncates instead of rounds.

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