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Welcome to the Blackjack sim Archives. Below you will find a set of files that can be used with CVCX V4. Unless otherwise stated, each sim file contains all of the sims required for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 decks, all CVCX penetrations (up to 105 penetrations per deck set,) sixteen rule sets, single and multiple players, and all betting spreads for a particular card counting strategy. Each of the 250,000 sims is 2,000,000,000 rounds of Blackjack. Unless otherwise stated, one deck sims are three player, two decks - three player and shoe games - four player.

Note: To see a card counting strategy comparison, see System Efficiencies. For advice on selecting a card counting system, see Blackjack Strategy Advisor.


Click on the desired history file below and save to disk. From the CVCX or CVData Archives page, click on Import. Specify the location of the downloaded file and it will be imported. Or, download to the auto import directory. This is normally "C:\Program Files\QFIT\CVDATA\autoimport". Whenever you invoke CVCX or CVDATA, the auto import directory is searched and any history files are automatically imported. Note: When downloading from the Web, make certain that the file type is set to "All Files" in the Save Dialog. If it is saved as a zip file, you won't be able to find it. (Further instructins can be found in the CVCX manual.)


Each of the card counting sim files below contains thousands of sims. Total Blackjack hands is about one quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000.) Average size is 3 megabytes. Sweet 16 & Fab 4 means the Illustrious 18 top indices - Splitting Tens and the top four Surrender indices.

Advanced Omega II

AOII, Full Indices, Ace SC
AOII, Full Indices

Basic Omega II

Basic Omega II, Full Indices


Expert, Full Indices

Wong Halves

Halves, Full Indices
Halves, Sweet 16 & Fab 4

Hi-Lo Strategy

Hi-Lo, Full Indices
Hi-Lo, Ill18 & Fab4
Snyder Hi-Lo Lite, Full Indices

Hi-Opt I

Hi-Opt I, Full Indices
Hi-Opt I, Sweet 16 & Fab 4

Hi-Opt II

Hi-Opt II, Full Indices, Ace Side Count
Hi-Opt II, Full Indices



KO (Knock-Out Blackjack)

KO Preferred
KO Full 1 & 2 Decks
KO Full 6 Decks
KO Full 8 Decks


Mentor Full Indices
Mentor Sweet 16 & Fab 4

Red 7

Red7 1 & 2 Decks Full Indices
Red7 6 & 8 Decks Full Indices
Red7 1 Deck Sweet 16 & Fab 4


REKO 1, 2 and 6 Decks
REKO 8 Decks

Revere Point Count

RPC Full Indices
RPC Sweet 16 & Fab 4

Silver Fox

Silver Fox, Full Indices


UBZII Full Indexes

Uston Advanced +/-

Uston Advanced +-, Full Indices
Uston Advanced +-, Sweet 16 & Fab 4

Uston APC

Uston Advanced +-, Full Indices
Uston Advanced +-, Sweet 16& Fab 4

Uston SS

UstonSS 1 & 2 Decks
UstonSS 6 Decks
UstonSS 8 Decks


Zen 1980, Full Indices
Zen 1998, Full Indices, Double 10 & 11 only
Zen 1998, Sweet 16 & Fab 4



More systems to come....







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