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May 2006 - Titaniumman has recently made multiple posts on BJ21 telling people not to purchase from QFIT. He states that I outted his real name from my customer data base. Stanford Wong refuses to delete the obvious personal attacks. Further, Stanford will not allow me to respond to the accusations. When I did try to respond, my response was deleted and my password revoked making it impossible for me to respond in any manner to these statements on BJ21. My password has since been restored -but I am barred from responding to T-Man's false accusations. So he can spread lies but I cannot deny them. Obviously no sane person would post under this condition.

I want to assure the community that there is absolutely no merit to these accusations. I have never outted TMan's real name. This is simply one of over a hundred false accusations made by TMan over the last three years against people associated with or even that just post on (TMan has posted that it is his intention to destroy I do know TMan's real name as he signed it on an e-mail requesting my support in his attempt to start a business to compete with TJ. (TJ is the company that he has attempted to destroy while secretly starting a competing company.) I believe that I have every right to post his real name since he has already accused me of posting it over a dozen times. However, I will not do so as this is strictly against my privacy policies. I have never outted any person under any circumstances. My customer data base does not have posting handles. Where would I get them? I do not need this information and have never asked anyone the aliases they use for posting. Now TMan and ETFan are suggesting that even installing my software may harm your PC. CV products have been installed on over 400,000 PCs over the last 13 years without a problem. It is distributed by over 200 sites many of which perform virus checks. My website is checked for viruses and vulnerabilities every month in an agreement with Discover. These attacks are attempts to destroy CV for personal reasons to the detriment of the entire BJ community.

The upshot of this attack is that BJ21 is no longer allowed to sell QFIT products and the BJ21 subscriber discount is no longer available. You can thank TMan for this.

A full set of QFIT privacy policies can be found at QFIT Privacy Policies. Additional policies can be found at About QFIT.

Norm Wattenberger

Update 1/24/7 - It has been eight months since I have made a post to BJ21. But the attacks have not stopped. I will not respond because I cannot respond. That does not mean that I admit to the lies. Incidentally, the only time this page gets any real traffic is when TMan points it out since there are NO links from the QFIT site itself.

Update 12/10/7 - It has now been a year and a half since I have made a post to BJ21. Nonetheless TMan continues to post lies. I will not respond because I cannot respond. Stanford has forbidden it. Yet he allows the attacks to remain until everyone has read them. People say they are tired of this. Try imagining what it is like to have an obsessive person stalk you for four years. Incidentally, it is still true that the only time this page gets any real traffic is when TMan points it out since there are NO links from the QFIT site itself.


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