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In association with, new and used blackjack card counting books (and a few others) can be purchased below. If you want to know how to count cards, you need at least one of these books. You won't find any John Patrick books here. These are the best Blackjack books from serious, respected authors. To see a comparison of the strategies, see Blackjack Books - Strategies.
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Newer Blackjack Books

Wattenberger, Norman Modern Blackjack - An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play QFIT, 2009, 2010

Free Blackjack Book. There are many valuable books on this page available from Amazon. However, I will start with my book, as it is free. This is a two-volume, 540-page, full-color book covering basic Blackjack rules to advanced topics like shuffle-tracking and hole-card play. Click the link above to go to the book.

Print versions of the second edition are also available, pictured at the left. The second edition volumes total 660 pages.

Blaine, Rick Blackjack Blueprint, How to Play Like a Pro ... Part-time Huntington Press, 2005

This excellent new text covers everything from beginning card counting strategy to advanced subjects like team play, shuffle tracking, camouflage, and transport of money. The author is an executive at a Fortune 500 company that has played BJ on the side for a quarter-century. (Note: CV-Blueprint is a companion software product to this book found on the Blackjack pages of this site.)

Schlesinger, Don Blackjack Attack, Playing the Pro's Way RGE Publishing, 1997, revised 2004

Excellent text on expert play and Blackjack statistics from today's leading Blackjack authority. Over 500 pages of concentrated information on the science of Blackjack. Must have for anyone serious about the game. But, it shouldn't be your first Blackjack book. (Note: 85 pages of tables in this book were generated with Casino Verite products.)

Walker, Katarina The Pro's Guide to Spanish 21 and Australian Pontoon 2008,

The definitive text on Spanish 21. Do not sit at a Spanish 21 table without reading this book first.

More, Popular Blackjack Books

Vancura and Fuchs Knock-Out Blackjack--The Easiest Card Counting System Ever Devised 1998, Hamilton Press

A very simple, yet powerful card counting strategy is explained. Many common myths exploded. One of the easiest card counting books you can find and the quickest way to learn how to count cards. But, this should not be the only Blackjack book you read if you are serious about the game.

Mezrich, Ben Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions Free Press, 2003

The story of one of the MIT Blackjack teams. A bit exaggerated, but a good read.

Wong, Stanford Professional Blackjack Pi Yee Press, 1975, rev. 1994

One of the most popular Blackjack books covers simple to expert card counting. Contains much information on the value of rules and playing variations for those rules. HiLo and Halves strategies are included. Good first book.

Blackwood, Kevin Play Blackjack like the Pros 2005, HarperResource

This is a new book from a long-time successful player and is a good addition to the Blackjack card counters arsenal.

Blackwood, Kevin The Counter 2002, Wooden Pagoda Press

A semi-fictional book on the life of a Blackjack Card Counter. This book doesn't tell you how to play; but does provide a glimpse into the life of a counter.

Renzey, Fred Blackjack Bluebook II: the simplest winning strategies ever published Blackjack Mentor, 2003

Not the simplest. But, it is a good starting card counting book and includes a wide range of systems including the KISS strategies and Mentor Count.

Classic Blackjack Books

Carlson, Bryce Blackjack for Blood CompuStar Press, 1992, rev. 1994

Expert advice from one of the biggest moneymakers. Describes Omega II, an excellent, but difficult, strategy primarily used in single-deck and double-deck games.

Humble, Lance and Carl Cooper The World's Greatest Blackjack Book Doubleday & Company, 1980

Includes the high-efficiency Hi-Opt I strategy. Also includes Hi-Opt II a more difficult card counting strategy; but one of the very best.

Revere, Lawrence Playing Blackjack as a Business Lyle Stuart, 1980

The late Lawrence Revere trained many a card counter, and a few casinos. (I trained under Revere in the '70s.) A bit dated, but this is a classic Blackjack book that brought many long-time pros into the field. Revere Point Count is described and is still one of the best shoe strategies. (Only the single-deck tables for RPC are in the book.)

Snyder, Arnold Blackbelt in Blackjack Cordoza Publishing, 1983, rev. 1998, 2005

This was once one of the early, best BJ books. It is still worth reading. But, take what he says about other people and strategies with a pound of salt.

Thorp, Edward Beat the Dealer Random House, 1966

Dr. Thorp was not the very first card counter; but, this is probably the first serious text on the subject and revolutionized Blackjack play. Still a great read from Professor Blackjack and one of the best selling Blackjack Books; though dated in some areas. It was my first read.

Uston, Ken Million Dollar Blackjack Gambling Times Inc., 1981

Another of the best selling Blackjack books. The late Ken Uston was one of the first big moneymakers at Blackjack. The card counting systems in this book are more difficult than newer strategies. The book is still valuable for its history.

Andersen, Ian Burning The Tables in Las Vegas--Keys to Success in Blackjack and in Life 1998

Expert advice on playing high-stakes Blackjack without being barred. Excellent writing from a long-time moneymaker at the tables..

Griffin, Peter The Theory of Blackjack Huntingdon Press, 1979, rev. 1999

For mathematicians who want the deep details of BJ theory. Griffin is considered the expert on BJ math. This is one of the more diffficult Blackjack books to read and will not teach you how to count cards but is important in understanding the underlying concepts. The sixth edition was published on 2/28/99.

Perry, Stuart Las Vegas Blackjack Diary 1997

I read a draft of this book before it was published. It is a bit of a tedious read. But then, card counting can also be tedious. Unlike other Blackjack books, it doesn't teach Blackjack. Read this if you want a peek into the day-to-day world of a Blackjack card counter.

Additional Useful Books

Haywood, Bill BeatWebCasinos.Com RGE Publishing, 2000

All sources are not somewhat dated. But, this is probably still the best source of information on beating the Internet casinos.

Rubin, Max Comp City-A Guide to Free Las Vegas Vacations 2001, Huntingdon Press

Make the best of the casinos free deals. You won't believe what they give away. Not always in stock.

Forte, Steve Casino Game Protection 2004, SLF Publishing LLC

This book is actually meant for the casinos. It describes what the casinos need to know about players. Of course players can also read it to see what the casinos know.

McDowell, David Blackjack Ace Prediction: The Art Of Advanced Location Strategies For The Casino Game Of Twenty-one Spur of the Moment Publishing, 2004

Recent text describing a simplified method of tracking Aces in Blackjack. This is more difficult but highly effective method of advantage play.

Bukofsky, John Blackjack Play Like the Pros Lyle Stuart, 2006

Recent soup to nuts book with an updated HiLo strategy.

Wong, Stanford Casino Tournament Strategy  1998, Pi Yee Press

Early work on playing casino tournaments. Does not tell you how to count cards and is dated.

Zender, Bill  How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack  1999, R. G. E. Publications

The ZMan was casino manager at the old Alladin and now is a casino consultant. He probably knows more than anyone else on the casinos' view of card counting.

Wong, Stanford Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker 1992, Pi Yee Press

The only book you need on playing Pai Gow Poker.

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