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There are six CV Blackjack card counting software applications briefly outlined below. Each has its own pages with additional details.

Blackjack programs Casino Vérité Blackjack (Practice play and drills)

  • For all levels of players - novice through pro.
  • Considered the top Blackjack practice software by nearly all card counting experts (See References).
  • Practice Blackjack play and count cards in an ultra-realistic casino environment.
  • Use 38 drills with scores of options to hone your skills.
  • Track actual play with included CVJournal.
  • 500 options in trillions of combinations.
  • Start simple and add more and more expert methods at your own pace.
  • The most important and popular program in the series. This is how to practice Blackjack without recklessly risking your bankroll.
  • Link to CV Blackjack Page

CVCX (High speed simulations/Calculators)

  • For all Blackjack card counters and teams.
  • Risk and bankroll calculations.
  • Optimal betting calculations.
  • Game comparisons.
  • Card Counting strategy comparisons.
  • 150,000 Blackjack card counting canned simulations included.
  • Built-in ultra-fast simulator.
  • This software and CV Blackjack should be owned by all serious players.
  • Link to CVCX Page

CVData (Advanced simulation/Strategy construction)

  • For more sophisticated Blackjack players and those wishing a deeper understanding of the game.
  • Advanced simulation software.
  • Expert methods, highly complex cover play and error simulation supported.
  • Tens of thousands of stats.
  • 100 graphs.
  • Modern card counting Index Generator.
  • The fastest simulator available anywhere.
  • Link to CVData Page

Blackjack programs Casino Vérité HoleCard (CVBJ HoleCard Add-in)

  • Practice hole carding and partial hole carding (Seeing the dealer's downcard)
  • Practice next carding (Seeing the dealer's next card)
  • Generate strategies for the above.
  • Support cover play.
  • Drills and game.
  • Link to CV Hole Carding Page

CVShuffle (Shuffle Tracking & Ace Prediction)

  • Shuffle-tracking practice and analysis software.
  • Ace Sequencing (Ace Prediction) practice and analysis.
  • Requires shuffle tracking knowledge.
  • Requires Casino Verite Blackjack and uses its ultra-realistic playing environment for shuffle-tracking. practice and Ace Sequencing practice.
  • Link to CVShuffle Page

CVData/Shuffle Track (Shuffle Tracking Add-in)

  • CVData/ST is for those few players interested in high speed simulation of advanced playing strategies like shuffle tracking and hole-carding.
  • Link to CVData/ST Page

CVReview Results/Activity Tracker/Analyzer

  • Past results review and analysis.
  • Tracking results, expenses, backoffs, comps, etc.
  • Link to CVReview Page







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