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Blackjack Simulator, Sim Library & Risk/Goal/Bankroll/Trip Ruin/Optimal Bet Calculator

"I believe any serious player or team captain should own this software. There's no other simulator that can match its sheer speed or features in today's market." - George C. (Author: Shuffle Tracking for Dummies; Developer: Unbalanced Zen)

Two new Blackjack Simulators join the Casino Vérité Blackjack line. CVCX is described here and CVData on the CVData Blackjack Simulator Page. For blackjack game, practice and drills, see CV Blackjack Game.

CVCX Philosophy and Features

This application is based upon Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger. BJA Chapter Ten contains summaries of over 600 separate 20 billion round sims and has been the source of a wealth of information for the Blackjack community. The latest edition of BJA Chapter 10 was created using CVCX. There are four main purposes to CVCX:

  • Quick game and strategy comparison. There are 250,000 2 billion round sims included with CVCX. Load the sims for a strategy and you can change decks, rules, penetrations, bet spread, risk and bankroll and instantly see the effect on win rate, expectation, SCORE and other stats. SCORE is a method of comparing games coined by Don Schlesinger.
  • Optimal Bet Calculation. As you change the settings, the optimal betting ramps are instantly calculated using the latest theories in optimal betting. These betting schemes maximize your bankroll growth.
  • Risk and Bankroll Calculators. Twelve calculators and nine charts are included for refined Risk/Bankroll/Goal/Time/Results related calculations.
  • Simulation. CVCX includes its own extremely high-speed Blackjack simulator so you can add your own methods of play to the canned sims.

Extensions include:

  • Up to 105 different penetrations by exact card are run and can be displayed after the sims have been completed. As you click the penetration counter, advantage, desirability, risk and optimal bets instantaneously change based on your exact indexes and counting accuracy.
  • A library containing the equivalent of tens of thousands of Blackjack sims and one quadrillion hands (that's one million billion) is available on the Web at CVCX Archives. Most of this library is also automatically installed from the CD.
  • For Trackjack subscribers, a link to the Trackjack online Blackjack conditions database provides the ability to download rules for your favorite casinos directly into CVCX for simulation, game comparison and optimal bet calculation.
  • Many graphs, summaries and betting reports.
  • With a WindowsXP-style assistant, balloon help and context sensitive help, CVCX is ridiculously easy to use. But, a full color printed manual is included anyway.
  • A typical set of sims (1, 2 & 6 decks, sixteen rule combinations, single and multiple players, all penetrations and bet spreads, 400 million rounds each sim) requires about two hours on a Pentium IV. (Note: This would take about a month using SBA for just one bet spread or over a year using BJ678. That is, CVCX creates this data at about 300 times the speed of SBA and 2,000 times the speed of BJ678. On the new multi-core PC's; the speed difference is far greater.)

Calculators included:

  • What is my Risk given no goal and no time constraint
  • What is my Risk given no goal but a time constraint
  • What is my Risk given a goal and time constraint
  • What is my Risk given a goal and no time constraint
  • What is the Probability of reaching a goal before going bankrupt given a time constraint
  • What is the Probability of reaching a goal before going bankrupt with no time constraint
  • What is my Range of Probable Results
  • What results can I expect given time and probability of reaching goal without ruin
  • What is the Probability of your actual casino results
  • What is the required bankroll given a goal and time constraint
  • What is the required bankroll given a goal and no time constraint
  • How many Hands are required to reach a goal given risk of ruin and desired probability

Version 4 & 5 Features

CVData/CVCX Blackjack Simulators

If you have licenses for both CVData & CVCX, you get a different version of CVCX that adds many of CVData's advanced features while retaining the speed of CVCX. For a comparison between the two, see CVData/CVCX Comparison.


  • CVCX has a price of $95.
  • To order, go to the Orders Page.


For demo and update downloads go to the Blackjack Download Page.


  • All CV products come with a no questions asked refund guarantee
  • Demos are available for all CV Products
  • A printed manual and CD is shipped with all CV Blackjack simulation products
  • Telephone support is available at 212-593-1747
  • One license can be used on a home and an office, or a desktop and a mobile PC so long as only one is used at a time.
  • CV Upgrade policies are quite liberal.






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