CVCX V4 Improvements

A new version of the CVCX Blackjack simulator is now available. If you are unfamiliar with this product, you can obtain information on the CVCX page. Version 4 changes are outlined below. Note: Only added features are mentioned. (For blackjack game, practice and drills, see CV Blackjack Game.)

Blackjack Simulator, Sim Library & Risk/Goal/Bankroll/Trip Ruin/Optimal Bet Calculator


Each CV version has a general theme. The theme in this release is user customization to the extreme and to that end, a major overhaul of the software has been performed. One warning. Sim files created with earlier versions are not supported by this version. The file structures have been substantially changed to support new features.

Version 4 Additions

  • Widgets - Over the years I have asked many times what users would like to see on the Viewer screen of CVCX. Fact is, different people want different stats and calculations. So, I decided to give control of the Viewer to the user. The new Viewer is very different. For greatest flexibility, an empty space is provided for widgets. Widgets are tools that perform various calculations. You select and place the desired widgets on the Viewer screen. Widgets are integrated into the Viewer once selected. CVCX has no load, calculate or copy buttons. Like the standard results tables; all data and calculations in the selected Widgets update automatically when any Viewer parameter is changed. Change the rules, decks, players, penetration, risk, bets, etc and all stats on the Viewer update instantly. To start, hit Customize then Customize widgets and hit SET TO DEFAULT for a default widget setup or select and place them yourself. There are currently eight widgets and I expect this to grow as suggestions come in as they are easy to add.
  • Half Counts - Many people have asked for the ability to calculate optimal bets and set custom bets by half true counts. For greatest flexibility, all Truncate and Floor sims are now run by Half True Counts. But they start showing as Full Count. You can switch between half and full to instantly see the effect of optimal bets calculated each way. This is not needed for unbalanced strategies since the range of counts is much larger.
  • Multi-threading is supported. Specify the number of CPU cores you wish to use on the sim page to dramatically increase the speed with multi-core chips.
  • All statistics are now in dollars, not units.
  • RSA - CVCX can perform sims with all eight combinations of S17/H17, DAS/nDAS and Surr/nSurr all in one sim file. You can specify other rules; but they would be fixed in one sim file. I have added Resplit Aces. It was always possible to sim RSA; but not both RSA and nRSA in the same sim file. So, all sixteen combinations can now be run in one sim file. All included sims are run with both Resplit Aces and without. I have come to the conclusion that many players do not pay enough attention to this rule. This essentially doubles the number of sims in a sim file. However, CVCX can sim RSA and nRSA in parallel with very little speed difference.
  • Fine-tuning bets - CVCX allows you to change the penetration card by card to see the SCORE at every penetration. Optimal bets are calculated at each penetration and a chart can be displayed dynamically in a widget to see the different SCOREs for every penetration. But, no one actually plays with a different set of optimal bets for every possible penetration. So how do you create a betting ramp that performs well across all penetrations? The Big Chart widget has a feature that allows you to compare optimal bets with custom bets. When you change a custom bet; optimal bets will be charted for all penetrations against the custom bets you have set frozen for all penetrations. That is, you will see two curves. One curve is the SCOREs assuming that use a different optimal betting schedule for every possible penetration. The second curve shows the SCOREs given one betting schedule used at all penetrations. As you fine tune your betting ramp by changing the custom bets; the chart will be dynamically redrawn. This allows you to fiddle with the bets until you find a betting schedule that you find reasonable that is close to optimal at the penetrations that you care about.
  • An experiment - The most requested feature has always been to change the number of hands played by the count. But there is a problem. A major difference between the CVData and CVCX simulators is that CVData allows ridiculously complex betting strategies. On the other hand, the CVCX simulator has no betting module at all. It merely collects data on frequencies, EV and standard deviation by count. Betting is applied after the sim. That's fine for straightforward betting by the count. But, if you change the number of hands during a shoe; the count frequencies are dramatically affected. And they are affected very differently depending on number of players and other variables. This is why post-sim calculators like CVCX have not been able to handle changing from one to two hands during a shoe. In this release I have taken the first shot at estimating the effect of a change in number of hands. First, this only works for floored or truncated true counted systems and 2-8 decks (single deck is too unpredictable.) When you click on Two Hands, a new spinner appears. If set to zero, you play all TCs with two hands. If set to 1 thru 8, you play one hand below the specified TC and 2 hands at that TC and above. Count frequencies and standard deviations are altered according to number of players, the count at which the change occurs and the counts themselves and all stats recalculated. It is an estimate - but a very good one. I call this an experiment; but it has been tested across numerous scenarios against CVData's exact results and works quite well.
  • Players - It is now possible to run all sims with 1 player as well as multiple players and to instantly switch number of players from the Viewer screen. This feature is particularly useful when changing the number of hands. Number of players has a large effect when you go from one to two hands at a specified count.
  • Canned Sims - A new sim library with 250,000 2,000,000,000 round sims has been created to take advantage of the Resplit Aces and Number of players features. The old Illustrious 18 sims have been replaced with Sweet 16 sims since very few people split Tens. Also, True Count calculations are now performed using the number of cards in the discard tray instead of cards dealt. This is more like a human plays. Most sims now use Flooring since it has become more popular. Of course you can always run your own sims if you don't find what you want in the library.
  • Many minor changes suggested over the last year.
  • A new full color manual has been printed.

Note: Only recent additions are described on this page. For a full feature set see CVCX Features .


  • CVCX price is now $85.
  • To order, go to the Orders Page.


  • The CVCX upgrade includes the new manual and costs $21 from V3 and $30 from earlier versions. This is on the honor system as the upgrade can be downloaded.


For demo and update downloads go to the Download Page.


I don't like to talk about future additions. But, I will say that CVCX remains a live product.






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