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Download demo versions of Casino Vérité Blackjack software by clicking on a product name below. Updates are farther down the page. All software has been tested with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, Win98, WinME, WinNT, WinXP, WinXP SP2, Win2000, Win2003, Win2008, Win2012, and Vista.

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These downloads are up to date. There is no need to install updates.

       Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

All QFIT PC products have been updated to work with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Free Blackjack Update Downloads

Here you can download the latest releases of each current version including any fixes or additional features added since publication. Note: You can determine your current version from the main screen by using HELP - ABOUT.

CV Blackjack and CVShuffle Updates

CV Blackjack V5.6 Update V5.6.320 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CV Blackjack V5.5, or V5.6 and CVShuffle. This will update V5.5 to V5.6. This will NOT update V5 to V5.5.

  • V5.5.111 Minor graphics changes.
  • V5.5.127 Insurance was not waiting for the player on some very fast PCs.
  • V5.6.146 Chip movement was not working correctly on some PCs after long periods of use. Windows 8 support added.
  • V5.6.149 Dealer error function could fail after very long use.
  • V5.6.151 Updated interface to Blackjack forums.
  • V5.6.170 Added strategy export to mobile software
  • V5.6.176 Added Unusual Game export to mobile software
  • V5.6.177 Hole-carding strategy export to mobile software
  • V5.6.182 Support custom truecount calculations in drills.
  • V5.6.188 Spanish 21 balanced counts support added
  • V5.6.189 Correction to REKO-T unbalanced TC calc
  • V5.6.191 Update weblinks to work in Win10
  • V5.6.193 Updated Color of Blackjack betting strategy
  • V5.6.198 Added new casino data base
  • V5.6.218 New CBJN database format
  • V5.6.221 Fix to flashcard card graphics for some video cards
  • V5.6.224 Add PDFs of manual and quick start guide
  • V5.6.225 Larger range of card thicknesses in Depth Drills
  • V5.6.226 Add function to compacy and repair database if damaged
  • V5.6.228 Windows 10 PDF access
  • V5.6.235 Blackjack Apprenticeship strategy added
  • V5.6.260 Add CVHoleCard

CV Blackjack V5 Update V5.0.99 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CV Blackjack V5 and CVShuffle. This will NOT update V4 to V5.

  • V5.0.45 319 new discard tray pictures used in the game and drills. Much higher resolution and more styles.
  • V5.0.55 Sounds were not playing on some PCs.
  • V5.0.59 Spanish 21 fix.
  • V5.0.65 Fix to high-resolution, eight-deck, discard tray drill
  • V5.0.79 Add FELT and REKO strategy files in Modern Blackjack.
  • V5.0.81 Windows 7 support

CV Blackjack V4 Update V4.2.17 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CV Blackjack V4 and CVShuffle. This will NOT update V3 to V4.

  • V4.0.13 Fix to an error when exiting drills with 800x600 video resolution.
  • V4.0.44 Added Danish Blackjack rule
  • V4.0.45 Ability to change Lucky Ladies payoffs
  • V4.1.2 Support for Samsung Q1 UMPC added
  • V4.1.10 New Force Initial Running Count option makes it easier to change unbalanced counts like KO card counting to a different IRC by changing all indexes automatically.
  • V4.1.11 Suits remaining and dealt popup stats are now available for Royal Match players.
  • V4.1.12 Added Additional tables for Advanced Red7
  • V4.1.26 Support added for composition dependent indexes in Flashcard drills.
  • V4.1.37 Installation and Help support added for Windows Vista.
  • V4.2.0 Fully Vista compliant. Will also run under previous versions of Windows.
  • V4.2.8 Spanish 21 strategy update
  • V4.2.10 CV was not remembering some settings on some Vista machines. Vista really is a royal pain.

Last CV Blackjack V3 Update V3.0.110 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CV Blackjack V3 and CVShuffle. There will be no more updates to V3 as V5 is now available.

CVData and CVCX Updates

The first link is the last update to CVData/CVCX V6. The second update is for CVData/CVCX V5 users. The third for V4 and then V3.

A V6 update can update an older release of V6, V5 can update an older V5 etc. But, you cannot update V5 to V6. That requires uninstalling the old version and installing the new full version.

CVData V6/CVCX V6.0.370 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CVData V6 & CVCX V6. The CVData and/or CVCX upgrade must be purchased if you do not have V6.

CVData V5/CVCX V5.163 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CVData V5 & CVCX V5. The CVData and/or CVCX upgrade must be purchased if you do not have V5.

CVData V4/CVCX V4.186 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CVData V4 & CVCX V4.

CVData V3/CVCX V3.1.122 Update. You can click here to download and install the latest update to CVData V3 & CVCX V3.

  • V3.0.30 upgrades to version 3 with dozens of new features.
  • V3.0.31 added support for unbalanced betting side counts.
  • V3.0.39 Blackjack Attack third edition features enabled.
  • V3.0.41 This update only affects the demo. It was not displaying KO correctly.
  • V3.0.46 Installs updated to support WinXP SP2.
  • V3.0.51 Added support for unbalanced playing count with a betting side count
  • V3.0.58 Fix to Players coming and going feature
  • V3.0.59 CVCX Custom Bets code rewritten for greater ease and flexibility
  • V3.0.68 Speed increase
  • V3.0.70 Support for oddball starting counts in unbalanced strategies
  • V3.0.77 KO card counting Blackjack strategies added. Problem with Risk of Ruin calculator Load function with non-standard hands per hour fixed.
  • V3.0.87 Increased size of betting spreads allowed to 200.
  • V3.1.100 Includes the CVData/HC extensions
  • V3.1.103 New CVCX Freeze Custom Bets option
  • V3.1.115 Correction to index generations with modified decks.
  • V3.1.122 Installation and Help support added for Windows Vista Blackjack download.
  • V4.0 New Version of CVData
  • V4.0.44 New CVCX version
  • V4.0.47 Bankroll easier to change. Fix to Freeze Bets option
  • V4.0.54 KISS and Mentor strategies added.
  • V4.0.61 Corrected CVCX problem with Windows non-US currency settings
  • V4.0.67 Corrected problem with Australian OBBO rule with multiple players
  • V4.0.70 Blackjack for Vista. Will also run under previous versions of Windows.
  • V4.0.75 Includes new sims and new version of REKO strategy
  • V4.0.84 Standard Error numbers added for CVCX Win%, Win Rate and SCORE
  • V4.0.94 Warning - This release changes the way the Hands Played options work on the Customize screen. To get numbers that use the same calculation methods as CVCX, turn both Hands Played options off. This is the default.
  • V4.0.120 Supports multi-threading under Vista
  • V4.0.147 Fix to Customized Side Bets with Merged and Additive features set.
  • V4.0.149 Allow composition-dependent Surrender indexes for hands of 5, 6, and 7.
  • V4.0.152 Early Surrender CD index generation for hands below 11 supported. Hole-carding partial information strategy generation supported.
  • V4.0.157 Fix to CVCX for non-U.S. countries.
  • V4.0.165 Add FELT and REKO strategy files in Modern Blackjack.
  • V4.0.168 Windows 7 and 64 bit support
  • V4.0.172 Spanish 21 index generation added
  • V4.0.177 Spanish 21 Redouble added with template and strategy files
  • V5.0 New versions of CVData and CVCX.
  • V5.0.27 Added Color of Blackjack support and side bets with fixed bets
  • V5.0.34 International currency problem fixed
  • V5.0.37 Support for Spanish 21 hole-carding strategy generation added
  • V5.0.44 Add PDF of User's Guide
  • V5.0.51 CVCX now supports the alternative method of TKO
  • V5.0.56 CVCX shifted counts for unbalanced strategies with half count tag values.
  • V5.0.76 Previous update forced Multiple Draw after Ace Split option on in some cases.
  • V5.0.80 Changed method of calcing SCORE when calling CVCX from CVData.
  • V5.0.90 Fix to Spanish 21 bug added recently
  • V5.0.94 Rebates functionality added
  • V5.0.97 Update to unbalanced strategies with half-point counts and IRC forced to zero for CVCX
  • V5.0.108 Added support for double on any number of cards index generation
  • V5.0.109 Correct problem with European number format in charts
  • V5.0.112 Problem with Wonging and theads=1 when rerunning same sim without leaving screen
  • V5.0.113 Update weblinks to work in Win10
  • V5.0.115 Add partial hole-carding simulation
  • V5.0.119 Added upload to CVCX-Anywhere
  • V5.0.120 CVCX-A updated to work on foreign language PCs
  • V5.0.122 Fix problem with combo of Shuffle-tracking, insurance, European no hole card and insurance.
  • V5.0.216 Added Blazing 7s
  • V5.0.130 Fix prolem with contradictory settings of Play two hands and backcount.
  • V5.0.132 Fix to Australian OBO rule when not using full indices.
  • V5.0.138 Manual PDFs included
  • V5.0.139 Problem with composition dependent DD indices.
  • V5.0.144 Problem when creating a reverse split index and surrender index for the same hand at the same time.
  • V5.0.146 Add option to force dealer to complete hand when all players bust of BJ.
  • V5.0.149 Blackjack Apprenticeship strategy added
  • V6.0.151 New versions of CVData/CVCX
  • V6.0.163 Tables and template for Spanish 21 S17 added, envy bonus added, split if not suited and suited composition dependent indices added, other useability features.
  • V6.0.165 Add Bust side bet.
  • V6.0.172 Add Magic Jacks side bet and ability to add custom bonuses based on one-eyed jacks and one-eyed kings.
  • V6.0.182 Down Under Blackjack side bet and Down Under 22 rule added.
  • V6.0.208 Update to new release button added.
  • V6.0.212 New installer.
  • V6.0.228 Add Blackjack Apprentice canned sims
  • V6.0.253 Problem with CVCX with unbalanced strategies when changing number of hands.
  • V6.0.279 Add Uston strategies
  • V6.0.362 Major update to optimal betting calculations.
CVReview Updates

Free CVReview Update V2.0.081 - CVReview updates are made using the Install Update button on the entry screen to the program. It only appears when there is a newer update. Changes include:

V2.0.078 Initial release






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