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The Casino Vérité Blackjack software includes over 500 options and many Blackjack games as briefly outlined on this page. The aim of these games is total immersion in the environment of a real casino. CV Blackjack is used for card counting practice and drills. See CVData/CVCX Blackjack Simulators for information on high-speed simulators.

Casino Vérité Blackjack Philosophy

Casino realism remains the main philosophy behind CV Blackjack. CV Version 5.6 focuses on the learning process - for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Many beginners are intimidated by counting because it is quite difficult at the start. Eventually it becomes second nature. But even then, most Blackjack players are intimidated by more advanced play. It is difficult to get started and to even know if you are using advanced techniques correctly. Version 5 is focused on moving forward, step by step, and tracking your progress over time. You will gain a realistic feel for the application of new techniques and if you attempt to advance too quickly to more complex play, you will see your error rates increase before you experience casino losses.

CV Blackjack Features

  • Current technology - CV is fully compliant XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 Blackjack software. Windows emulation is required for Macs.
  • Rule Variations - Blackjack games generally contain a half dozen or fewer rule variations. CV has over 100 rule and play variations that can be set in literally trillions of combinations. Click here to see a list of some of these variations: Blackjack Rules.
  • Custom Bonuses - Can't find your rules, the only Blackjack game that allows you to create your own. You can add side bets and bonuses to the library of specialty games. The library now includes: Over/Under 13, Double Exposure, Spanish 21, SuperFun 21, Royal Match, Bust Out, Lucky Ladies, Blackjack Switch, 21+3, Big Slick, Bonanza BJ, Dare any Pair, Field of Gold, High Tie Bonus, Lucky Lucky, Match the Dealer, Pair Square, Perfect Pairs, Super 7s, and Sweet 16.
  • 3D graphics - No cartoonish tables, chips and equipment. Photo-realistic graphics with animated discard tray and shoe. Several sets of card graphics including 3D perspective. Dealer cards have a different shape and size to simulate distance.
  • Deck Biases - Practice with a game is slow because 95% of hands are easy. Five kinds of deck biases are optionally added to force more difficult hands. The game adapts to your errors making better use of your time and speeding the learning process.
  • Cost of Errors - Not only are your errors caught, but the cost of the errors is estimated and tracked. This is done differently for Basic Strategy players and card counters as the current count is taken into account in the calculations. Errors are summed by type of decision and graphed in a mini-chart on the error pop-up separately for playing the game and Flashcard drills. The cost of errors is also kept by player hand and dealer upcard and can be displayed along with the number of errors and strategy tables.
  • Dealer errors - There are now eight kinds of dealer errors. You can test your ability to catch such errors as they can be very expensive. For details see Blackjack Error Simulation.
  • Error Logs - Error logs are kept and can be viewed for Flashcard drills and play. Columns can be sorted and rows can be selected in several manners. From the error log, you can click to view the specific error tables related to that error.
  • Heat - A ridiculously complex, uset configurable algorithm is included in an attempt to indicate the amount of casino attention that your play is drawing.
  • Table formats - Different Blackjack game formats are supported. Specialized formats for side bets are also supported.
  • Statistics - Extensive logs, graphs and statistics using a modern relational database. The data can be segmented and searched in many manners. In addition, pop-up stats on the screen can be displayed by simply moving the mouse over hot spots. A new feature allows a fully customizable, dynamic Dashboard to be displayed.
  • Drills - Playing the game is fun. But, drills are where you nail down accurate play. 38 drills are included. Numerous options are provided for each drill including the ability to throw cards at you in different combinations of number of cards, card placement and orientation. Photo-realistic discard trays are used in the drills. Advanced drills are now included such as back-counting two tables. New chip counting drills have been included for tournament players.
  • Strategies - You can select from numerous basic or card counting strategies. The drills and actual play can be tested against these strategies. Over 400 strategy tables are included. Over/Under 13 strategy support is also provided. Strategies supported include those of Wong, Vancura & Fuchs, Snyder, Carlson, Humble, George C., Renzey, Stricker, Shackleford, and Canfield. All strategies are supplied with authorization from the respective authors. For a complete list, see Card Counting Strategies.
  • Betting Strategies - Betting strategies can also be defined to check your betting. Strategies can vary from simple units per count to extremely complex cover betting. For details see Blackjack Betting Strategies.
  • Advanced Strategy Warning Support - Most people have not attempted more complex counting techniques because there has been no way of testing yourself. Warnings during play can now be generated when violating the new complex strategies including: betting side counts, complex cover play, different betting and Wonging by deck depth, multiple hand betting, multi-parameter tables, counting by inference and different sets of indexes by deck depth. You can also define complex basic strategy rules for games like Spanish 21 and SuperFun21.
  • An experiment: A Comm Panel can be displayed on the dashboard to tell you when a new post has been made to forums or blogs. To start, the BlackjackInfo forum and CV forum and blog are included. But, any forum or blog that wishes can make use of the feature without modification of CV. (If you are of such a mind, tweets can also be displayed dynamically in the panel.)
  • Custom Strategies - If the strategy that you use is not included, you can define your own in excruciating detail. Strategies for Lucky Ladies, Red/Black, Royal Match, Hole-Counting and Over/Under 13 strategies or any custom side bets that you have added can all be user defined. Warnings and records of strategy violations are provided.
  • Improving the odds - Expert methods are supported, like front loading, spooking, Wonging, warped card recognition and team play.
  • Normal movements - To increase realism in the Blackjack game, play can be performed with natural casino hand movements instead of using buttons.
  • Hand Interaction - Buy other players' Splits and Double Downs.
  • ITests - Internet Tests are standardized tests that allow you to compare your results with other users via the Internet. Your scores are automatically uploaded to the Web.
  • Unusual features - Realistic Blackjack features are supported, like tipping, face up or down dealing, players coming and going, and the dealer playing for you in obvious situations.
  • CV/TrackJack Link - For more up to date casino conditions, a link to the Trackjack Web casino database loads new Blackjack casino information directly from the Internet for TrackJack subscribers.
  • Maps - Three city and 17 state maps are included. Casino locations and statistics are displayed. Casino rules can also be displayed.
  • Calculators - Several Blackjack calculators are provided. With the Advantage Calculator, select the rules that you wish, and CV will calculate the starting casino advantage for different numbers of decks. A Risk of Ruin Calculator helps in sizing your bets or bankroll requirements. Other calculators also exist.
  • Casino Spreadsheet - A spreadsheet is created with 1170 rows, one for each rule set in the data base. The columns provide information and rules for each rule set. At first, the rule sets are sorted by Country or State, and then City. However, you can change the sorting order by switching the order of the columns. This allows views of the 740 casinos in different groupings and sub-groupings. Also, the casino advantage for 94% of the casinos is calculated and placed in a column. If you wish, you can sort on this column to see the best casinos. Or, sort on penetration then advantage for best card counting games. Or, sort on State, then penetration, then advantage to see the best card counting casinos in a particular area.
  • CVJournal - CVJournal is a new facility designed to ease the tracking of actual casino results. Using an Access database, you can store, manipulate, calculate, sort, select and chart session data. For example, you can easily request all six deck games played at the MGM. The relevant records will be displayed, sorted in whatever manner you wish, calculations made on the data and charts created.
  • CVTest - CVTest is a new facility designed to measure your long-term progress and identify weak spots in your skills. Basically, strings of different drills are placed into scripts or tests. There exist standard tests or you can create your own. Teams can create their own standard tests and distribute them.
  • Window sizes - Six window sizes are supported. Graphics are NOT stretched, but are generated at different resolutions for extremely high resolution.
  • Player File - Multiple users can be registered. Over 500 parameter, option and status settings are saved for each player. Separate logs are also kept by user and session.
  • Casino Definitions - Generally, Blackjack games include 1 to 4 casino definitions. CV includes a data base with 1170 rule sets in 740 actual casinos from Las Vegas to Kathmandu; from Indian reservations to cruise ships. You can set the game's rules by selecting a real casino or defining your own.
  • Shuffle Tracking - CVShuffle, an optional add-in product, adds shuffle tracking analysis and practice functions to the Blackjack games.
  • Help - In addition to 150 pages of on-line Help, CV uses Help ‘Balloons’ to guide you through the myriad features.
  • Assistant - An animated, talking assistant that provides advice as you play. She also acts as a tour guide and a distraction.
  • Vista - Windows Vista is fully supported.
  • Support - Support is available via e-mail or toll-free 800 number.

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