CV Blackjack Version 5.5/5.6 Announcement

CV 5.5 is the eleventh major upgrade since CVBJ came out in 1993. CV 5.6 is an update that provides several new features, including support for newer versions of Windows. As always, an upgrade path is available. Please see the end of this page for upgrade pricing and demo downloads. If you are not familiar with the previous release, you should probably go to the CVBJ Main Page.


The focus on this release is usability. Below you will find a list of the major changes in V5.5:

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To streamline Casino Vérité, the obsolete, old table formats have been removed, including Multi-Action.


The fixed table sizes no longer exist. The main screen is now resizable in order to support the, now, numerous different monitor sizes and aspect ratios.

The Heads-Up format (single player against the dealer) has been replaced with a new format that provides improved graphics and larger spacing between cards.

New, sharper card graphics. New sharper shoe graphics. Various other graphics improvements.

Hovering the mouse over the discard tray displays a larger, higher resolution tray. Also, you can view the larger tray from two angles.


The Statistics Window has been replaced with a new, optional, dashboard. The dashboard is highly configurable with user selected and customized widgets.

In keeping with the concentration on speed in Modern Blackjack, clock and speedometer widgets have been added to the main screen to time your play. Also, statistics are kept on your decision time for different hands in the game and drills so you can determine where your time is wasted. You can also pause the timers.

The user can add customized buttons to the dashboard to simplify common actions.

For the mathematically inclined, a mini-chart can be dynamically displayed to show where your play currently sits on the probability curve.

An experiment: A Comm Panel can be displayed on the dashboard to tell you when a new post has been made to forums or blogs. To start, the BlackjackInfo forum and CV forum and blog are included. But, any forum or blog that wishes can make use of the feature without modification of CV. (If you are of such a mind, tweets can also be displayed dynamically in the panel.)


Daniel Dravot’s version of KO in the Color of Blackjack has been added.

A sample betting strategy for Color of Blackjack has been added.

REKO-T, the Modern Blackjack version of true-counted KO, with risk-averse indexes, has been added.


The space bar (or whatever key you select) can now be used to cycle between seats when using keyboard betting.

More chips are now displayed.

Speeds can now be changed during a drill.

Two new penetration options have been included for a total of six allowing for reshuffle based on a combination of depth and number of rounds.

Improved handling of custom font sizes in Vista and Windows 7.

You can now change the rules in the drills without leaving the drills.

Double after Ace split, but without the option to hit, has been added.

Various additional usability modifications.

Casino Database

The CBJN database of US and Canadian casinos has been added. Subscribers to CBJN can update it monthly.

If you are interested in the additions to the previous version, see the CVBJ V5 Announcement page for more info.

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Demo Downloads


CVBJ price remains at $90. Upgrades from Version 5 are $36 and are delivered on a CD. (Upgrades from V5.5 to V5.6 are free.) Anyone purchasing prior to that all the way back to V1 in 1993 can purchase an upgrade for $45 that will include a new CD and manual. See the Orders Page for more info. Upgrades are at the end of the CV catalog.







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