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  Generally, in addition to the four top surrender indexes, each strategy uses the Sweet 16 set of playing indexes. These are the top eighteen (Illustrious 18) indexes found to be of most value by Don Schlesinger, minus the two ten-splitting indexes, rarely used these days. Compromise strategies use different sets: KISS III uses 16 indexes that are somewhat different as three of the Sweet 16 indexes do not work as well with KISS. FELT uses 14 indexes for 2, 6, and 8 decks and 16 for single-deck. UBZ II uses 15 indexes. REKO uses 15 indexes for 2, 6, and 8 decks and 20 for single-deck. REKO indexes are easier to remember since they are all the same value.

  All sims are two billion rounds.

  True count estimation resolution is half-deck for shoes, quarter-deck for pitch games, except for Mentor, which uses a true count conversion table.

  Advanced Omega II (AOII), Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II included ace side-counts as they did not perform well enough without to merit inclusion. They did well without side-counts, just not as well as easier strategies.

  KISS counted 2s as .5 instead of counting only half the 2s. This makes it a level II strategy improving results somewhat.

  Indexes supplied in books have changed in several systems over the years. This makes little difference in results.

  z6206bChart.gifThe standard charts with a curve moving upward toward the upper-right will not work when comparing twelve strategies, because they are not that much different and the lines all merge into one mess, as can be seen in this mini-chart. So, I created percentage charts, seen on the following pages. Each Super-SCORE is charted as a percent of the best Super-SCORE for that penetration.


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