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What are the overall results?

This chart is a quick look at overall results both in terms of EV (expected value or advantage) in green and SCORE in red. The first column provides EV and SCORE for Hi-Lo if we never take the Lucky Ladies bet. The EV scale can be found at the left and SCORE scale at the right. Now let us make a Lucky Ladies bet equal to our max bet with all counts of +7 and above. We see that the EV climbs from 1.35% to 2%. But the SCORE drops. This is because SCORE is risk-based and includes the standard deviation of the Lucky Ladies side bet. The SD is much higher with LL. So, let's try increasing the point at which we make the bet. If we make the bet only with a true count of +9 or higher, the SCORE and EV are both higher than when making no bets at all. However, the count is rarely that high.

In conclusion, yes we can make money at this bet. But unless the penetration is deep, the bet is not as good as it first looks.




FELT, REKO Strike Numbers

Note: This study was performed using Hi-Lo. When using FELT and the pay table in this section, the advantage begins at a true count of +13 instead of +7. With REKO, advantage begins at a running count of +10 for six decks and +8 for double-deck.


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