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What are dealer hand total and bust frequencies?

Much is made of the dealer bust rates by some voodoo Blackjack system sellers. In this chart, the percentages of each possible final dealer hand are displayed for tables with 1, 3, and 6 players. At the far right you will find the overall dealer bust rates. Blue displays the dealer totals at a table with one player. Here we note that the dealer does end up with totals of 4 through 16. But there are almost no hands at these totals when there are other players at the table. This is because the dealer will not draw cards if the player busts or receives a Blackjack. But with a full table, it is unlikely that every player will bust or get a Blackjack so the dealer will nearly always need to complete his/her hand.

When we look at the overall bust rates, we see that a single-player table sees substantially fewer dealer busts. But this has no effect on your advantage. It simply means that the dealer needs to finish the hand for other players at the table. It should be noted that the dealer bust rate can also be affected by decks and rules. What it comes down to is that dealer bust rate is useless information.




At you can find a 3-D chart by dealer upcard.


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