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Speeds/Biases tab. Two of the five biases apply only to card counting. The others are described here:

  Hands with many cards are more difficult. You will see players slow down when they receive many cards in a hand and errors are far more likely. Select the Many Card Hands option and you will receive more of these hands.

  Select the Repeat Errors option and the dealer will remember the hands where you have made errors and will deal similar hands more often.

  Select the Difficult Hands bias and the trickier hands will be dealt more often than you would normally see in a random game.

Dealer Errors

On the Options Settings screen, click on the Advanced tab to see the Dealer Error options. This is another attempt at casino realism and is important, particularly in newer casinos. Players tend to trust the dealer. If you do not catch dealer errors, you may lose a significant portion of your edge. When these options are set, on occasion the dealer will make an error. The errors do not occur too often, so you may forget to watch for errors. The amount paid on a bet is not wrong (except when Blackjack payoff errors is set). However, the dealer will make the following errors:

  The dealer may not pay on a close winning hand.

  She may not pay Insurance.

  She may bust an un-busted hand.

  She may bust your many-card 21.

  She may stand on a many-card 16 and call it 17.

  She may not bust her hand on a many-card 22.

  She may not pay a winning bonus or side-bet.

When any of these options are set, a new button appears on the control bar at the bottom of the screen labeled FOUL. Press it if you think that you saw an error at the end of the hand. If you miss an error, at the beginning of the next hand, you will be notified and shown the error.


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