CV Blackjack Version 3 Announcement

This is the eighth, and largest, major upgrade since CVBJ came out in 1993. As always, an upgrade path is available. Please see the end of this page for upgrade pricing and demo downloads. If you are not familiar with the previous release, you should probably go to the CVBJ Main Page.


Casino realism remains the main philosophy behind CV. CVBJ V3 focuses on the learning process - for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Many beginners are intimidated by counting because it is quite difficult at the start. Eventually it becomes second nature. But even then, most Blackjack players are intimidated by more advanced play. It is difficult to get started and to even know if you are using advanced techniques correctly. V3 is focused on moving forward, step by step, and tracking your progress over time. You will gain a realistic feel for the application of new techniques and if you attempt to advance too quickly to more complex play, you will see your error rates increase before you experience casino losses.


Below you will find a list of the major changes:

  • Most screens redesigned with the latest interfaces in mind.
  • The old betting strategies screen has been replaced by a simple betting strategy screen for beginners and an alternative set of complex strategy screens for more advanced players. The simple screen is very easy to use. Complex strategies include betting side counts, extremely complex cover play, different betting and wonging by deck depth and multiple hand betting.
  • Playing strategy screens have been replaced by a simple playing strategy screen and complex playing strategy screens. Complex strategies include multi-parameter tables, counting by inference, multiple sets of indexes by deck depth.
  • Spanish 21 and SuperFun 21 strategies have now been included by permission of Michael Shackleford. The ability to define numerous specialty strategy plays for these games and for bonuses in general has been added (e.g. double on 4 or more cards, stand if 678 is possible, split except with two suited 7's, etc.)
  • New Blackjack rules have been added. In addition, since it is impossible to keep up with new bonuses, you can now define your own custom bonuses.
  • Hi-Opt II card counting strategy tables are now included, by permission of the author.
  • Statistics are now kept in a modern Access database allowing better data selection. Far more stats and charts are available. (About 100 charts are included.)
  • For greater convenience without cluttering the screen, four sets of popup stats also exist that you can display without leaving the table by passing the mouse over hot spots. You can customize the stats that are displayed in this manner. You can see stats related to the discard tray or shoe simply by moving the mouse over the tray or shoe without clicking. Many new stats are included down to the exact contents of the shoe or tray.
  • A TrackJack/CV link allows the setting of CV Blackjack rules, penetration and limits directly from the Web to ensure practice with the latest conditions at the casinos you are about to visit.
  • Three additional types of dealer errors can be generated. With more and more new casinos, reports of dealer errors are becoming very common. Not recognizing these can be expensive.
  • Additional seat assignment flexibility.
  • The Blackjack drills have been redesigned. Several additional drills implemented including a two-table back-counting drill, many two simultaneous counts drills, and drilling on errors that you have made during play. Several new input methods and new modes supported and new features implemented to increase distraction and reduce tedium.
  • Discard trays in the drills are now photo-realistic.
  • Right-mouse support on the main table for betting, playing, insurance, dealing. Also customizable keyboard commands.
  • CVTest is a new facility designed to measure your long-term progress and identify weak spots in your skills. Basically, strings of different drills are placed into scripts or tests. There exist standard tests or you can create your own. Teams can create their own standard tests and distribute them.
  • CVJournal is a new facility designed to ease the tracking of actual casino results. Using an Access database, you can store, manipulate, calculate, sort, select and chart session data. For example, you can easily request all six deck games played at the MGM. The relevant records will be displayed, sorted in whatever manner you wish, calculations made on the data and charts created.
  • Additional animation during play.
  • New perspective, photo-realistic card graphics to improve realism. Dealer cards have a different shape and size to simulate distance.
  • 1280x1024 support for ultra-real screens.
  • CVData & CVCX will be modified to access CVBJ betting and playing strategies to ensure that you are practicing and simming the same strategies.
  • An animated, talking assistant that provides advice as you play. She also acts as a tour guide and a distraction.
  • An option that forces you to draw lots of small cards. This can be used to practice simultaneously counting and evaluating large hands.
  • The shuffle can be delayed until after you bet to force you to determine when the dealer is going to shuffle before you bet.
  • An additional peeking method allows you to move your mouse over face down cards (other players' first two cards or double down cards) to see them and add them to the count.
  • You are now allowed to specify accuracy of deck depth estimation. If your play was incorrect but would have been correct if you estimated the deck depth a few cards differently, you are told that you made a close call and it is not counted as an error. This prevents the marking of plays as errors where you knew the correct play but slightly misestimated depth.
  • For tournament players, you now have the ability to see the other players chip stacks on the playing screen. Also, chip counting drills have been added.
  • The 20 maps have been updated.
  • Support for the optional CVShuffle shuffle tracking add-in added. (CVShuffle will be announced in mid-December.)
  • Many miscellaneous nuances to improve realism.

Demo Downloads

  • Warning, the full install is 29MB.
  • You must NOT install this over older versions of CVBJ. None of the files are compatible. The install defaults to a new directory.
  • If you have installed a previous release of CVBJ V3, you can download and install the smaller update file. This will NOT update V2.1. You can see the current version from HELP - ABOUT.
  • Downloads can be found on the Downloads Page.


CVBJ price remains at $90. Upgrades have always been available and very cheap. This release will have the largest upgrade price as it was expensive to create. Anyone that purchased the full version during the last year will receive the new version free with the new manual. No need to request a copy as it will be mailed automatically. Please be patient. It will take a couple of months to mail all the copies. Anyone purchasing prior to that all the way back to V1 in 1993 can purchase an upgrade for $45. This will also include a new CD and manual. See the Orders Page for more info.







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