Hand Interaction

You can reach this screen from STRATEGIES Ė HAND INTERACTION. Hand Interaction refers to the action of buying Splits and Double Downs from other players. For an excellent treatment of the subject, see Blackjack Bluebook II by Fred Renzey.

When one of the Hand Interaction types is set, the other players will randomly pause as if they are thinking when presented with a Split or Double Down decision. If your strategy calls for buying that Split or DD, hit the space bar. A bet will be placed from your chips and you will own the result of that bet. If your decision was not correct according to your Hand Interaction strategy, Cassie will warn you.


Buy Doubles - Check if you wish to have the ability to buy Double Down bets. This includes DD after Split.

Buy Splits - Same for Splits and Resplits

Opportunities - The farther to the right the scroll bar is moved the more opportunities will be provided.

Delay - This is the amount of time the player pauses to think.

Cost of purchase - Sometimes you will need to pay for the purchase. You can enter a price here.


Strategy Name - The name of the current strategy HI strategy is displayed. A sample strategy is included.

Attach a Strategy - Click to change to a different strategy. The sample strategy can be found in the QFIT strategy folder.

Define/Edit Strategies - You can create your own strategy in the same manner as normal strategies. Indexes are supported.

Note, HI strategies are not the same as normal strategies. For example, you would normally split eights against a ten. But you would never buy a Split eight against a Ten. On the other hand, you are more likely to double down. If you owned the hand, DD forces you to draw only one card. But, if you donít own the hand, you would never have the option of drawing more than one card anyway. So you can profit by buying the DD if there is better than a 50% chance of winning.


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