Blackjack Over/Under Strategy

The following describes the Blackjack Over/Under Strategy screen invoked from STRATEGIES - OVER/UNDER STRATEGY menu.

You may specify an Over/Under 13 betting strategy with the Over/Under Betting Strategy feature. This feature has been designed for card counters and is activated by turning on the "Warning on Over/Under Error" switch near the bottom of the screen. Changing nearly any of the options on this screen will automatically set this switch.

Load/Save Betting Strategy

CV contains three Over/Under counting strategies, the Crush Count as described in Chapter 13 of the 1994 version of Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong and two counts from Arnold Snyder's Over/Under 13 Report. You should read these publications before attempting to use these counts. Clicking on the Load Crush or one of the Load Snyder buttons will set the screen to the correct values for the respective count. Note: The Over/Under Report can be purchased from RGE (

Clicking on one of the Save buttons, will save the settings on the screen to the desired User Specification. You can enter strategy names to the right of the buttons. You can later load these strategies.


Point Count Table - Set the count values for each card here.

Trigger Values - These are the count values which must be hit to allow an Over or Under bet.

O/U Count Divisor - This option allows selection of the true count calculation method for Over/Under counting systems. Selection of "No Adjustment" causes the O/U true count to be the same as the O/U running count.

Warning on Over/Under Error - When set, a warning is provided whenever you violate this strategy.

Starting Count - Most systems reset the count to zero after a shuffle. However, some unbalanced systems have a starting count. The starting count will be set to the number in the first box plus the number in the second box multiplied by the number of decks -1.


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