Side Bet Strategies

The following describes the Red/Black, Lucky Ladies and Royal Match Strategy screens invoked from the STRATEGIES menu.

You may specify side betting strategies with these screens. These features have been designed for card counters and are activated by turning on the "Warning on xxxxx Error" switches. Changing nearly any of the options on this screen will automatically set this switch.

Point Count Table

Point Count Table - Set the count values for each card here. Lucky Ladies and Royal Match can have different values for Tens and face cards. Red/Black only counts colors. You can use the same values are your primary counting system or a different set for a side count. The count will be displayed under Side Bet Count on the Tray pop-up stats.


Trigger Value(s) - These are the count value(s) which must be hit to call for a side bet. Important: There are variations of these games. Do not assume the sample strategy will work for you.

Count Divisor - This option allows selection of the true count calculation method for the counting systems. Selection of "No Adjustment" causes the true count to be the same as the running count.

Warning on xxxxx Error - When set, a warning is provided whenever you violate this strategy. Total errors are displayed as Side Bet Errors on the Errors pop-up stats.

Starting Count - Most systems reset the count to zero after a shuffle. However, some unbalanced systems have a starting count. The starting count will be set to the number in the first box plus the number in the second box multiplied by the number of decks -1.


When the Warning on Error option is set, and you are playing the related side bet game and make an incorrect side bet; Cassie will announce the error.


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