The reKO Blackjack Strategy (99.44% Pure)

The KO Strategy is one of the very easiest Blackjack card counting strategies, contained in the book Knock-Out Blackjack--The Easiest Card Counting System Ever Devised by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs. reKO (ridiculously easy KO) is a substantially simplified version. It will be easier for most people because, unlike KO, it has only one index value for all indexes and the same indexes and value for double deck and six decks. Thus less memorization is required. Flashcards are often used to memorize indexes. But a set of reKO flashcards would all have +2 on them. I have also included simplified betting ramps. This strategy performs nearly identically to KO. Note: This is a very brief description designed for those that already understand card counting. There is a much fuller description in my free, online book Modern Blackjack. For those interested, the strategy is as follows:

Card Counting Tags

Cards 2-7: +1, 8 & 9: 0, Ten & Ace: -1

The Initial Running Counts are:

  • Single Deck: -1
  • Double Deck: -5
  • Six Decks: -20
  • Eight Decks: -27


Thanks to Cacarulo for help in selecting the index set
  • Insurance
  • 16vT
  • 15vT
  • 12v2
  • 12v3
  • 12v4
  • 11vA
  • 10vA
  • 10vT
  • 9v2
  • 9v7
  • 8v5
  • 8v6
  • A8v5
  • A8v6


  • 15v9
  • 15vA
  • 8,8vT
  • 14vT (includes 7,7vT)

    All indexes are the same for double deck or six decks: +2. Another way of looking at it is using two basic strategies. Use one basic strategy for running counts up to +1. Then a different strategy for +2 and above.

    Single Deck

    Single deck requires adding five additional indexes. However, they are still all +2.

  • 13v2
  • 13v3
  • 12v5
  • 12v6
  • A6v2
  • Eight Decks

    Eight decks removes one index. They are still all +2. Remove the following:

  • 12v4

Suggested Betting Ramps

These tables are bets for each running count. You need to decide your own unit size and maximum bet and level off your betting at that point. Note: These schedules require a fairly large bankroll - at least $10,000 for a reasonable risk.

  • Eight Deck:
RC <=-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Bet 5 10 20 25 25 50 50 50 75 75 100
  • Six Deck:
RC <=-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4
Bet 5 10 10 25 25 25 50 50 75
  • Double Deck:
RC <=-1 0 1 2 3
Bet 10 20 25 50 75
  • Single Deck:
RC <=0 1 2 3
25 50 75


SCORE is the current standard for comparing Blackjack card counting strategies. A full description can be found in Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger. Below you will find three charts showing the SCOREs for KO Preferred as described in the book and reKO. Each chart shows the SCOREs for each system for all penetrations by the cards behind the cut card. For fairness, all SCOREs were calculated using optimal betting ramps calculated for each penetration assuming a betting spread of 1 to 16 for six decks, 1 to 8 for two decks and 1 to 3for single deck. Each simulation is five billion rounds with four players at six decks and three players at double deck and single deck. Note: The raw data behind these charts as well as calculated percentages can be found at reKO Blackjack Tables.

Six Decks Strip Game, No Surrender

The first chart is for six decks, S17, DAS.

The performance of KO and reKO in this chart are so close that the red line is almost exactly on top of the green line. You can see a hint of the green line just above the red line at poorer penetrations. At 4.5 deck penetration reKO has 98.8% of the performance of KO. At 5.0 decks penetration, the percentage is 99.8%

Six Decks Strip Game, Surrender

The second chart is for six decks, S17, DAS, LS.

Again the performance of KO and reKO in this chart are so close that the red line is almost exactly on top of the green line. KO does better at extermely high and low penetrations. reKO does better at the more common penetrations. At 4.5 deck penetration reKO has 100.1% of the performance of KO. At 5.0 decks penetration, the percentage is 100.3%. Note: The indexes were improved since this chart was created and REKO now has better results at higher penetrations.

Two Decks

The third chart is for double deck, S17, DAS.

KO slightly beats reKO. At Wynn's current estimated penetration, reKO has 99.6% of the performance of KO.

Single Deck

The fourth chart is for single deck, H17.

reKO and KO perform essentially the same. KO has a tiny edge at 26 cards and reKO pulls ahead at deeper penetrations. Which alas are mostly in the past. Sims were also run with H17, DAS and a spread of 1-4 with similar results.

Eight Decks

I didn't bother with an eight deck chart. KO-P outperforms REKO slightly except at deep penetrations. At 6/8 decks, REKO has 99.0% the performance of KO-P. At 6.5/8 decks. 99.5%. If you wish to extend REKO, using an index of -9 for 16vT will result in REKO significantly outperforming KO-P. However, that goes against the one index theme of REKO.


Again, the raw data behind these charts can be found at reKO Blackjack Tables.

Betting ramps and Blackjack simulations were created by the CVCX Blackjack Simulator and Calculator.

Do-it-Yourself Charts

One of the interesting aspects of ReKO is that you can create a set of strategy charts that look just like Basic Strategy charts and take them into a casino. Casinos have no problems with BS charts. Since the ReKO indexes are all +2, you don't need to include numeric indexes. Simply create a Basic Strategy chart with a mark wherever there should be an index of +2. I have created a set of charts like this which you can modify and print. You can add your own title like "John Patrick's Advanced Strategy" or "Horoscope Weekly." Feel free to change colors or anything else to further disguise the charts. Three formats are included. Microsoft Word, RTF (supported by nearly all word processors,) and HTML.Charts for all combinations of S17/H17, 6D/2D, LS/nSr, H17/S17 and DAS/nDAS are included. I created these rather quickly, so please send comments/corrections to [email protected]. Click on an HTML table to see an example. (Note: The table format and colors are a blatant rip-off of Ken Smith's BS engine.)






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