Casino Vérité Blackjack - Blueprint Edition

"Purely from the perspective of a practice & training program, CVBJ-Lite is in a class by itself. Nothing on the market touches it, except for QFIT's full blown Casino Vérité, that this "lite" version is based on." - Arnold Snyder, Summer 2003 issue of Blackjack Forum.

Card Counting Practice

CVBJ-Lite has been updated and is now called CV Blackjack-Blueprint Edition. This is designed as a software companion to the excellent book Blackjack Blueprint by Rick Blaine. CV-Blueprint is a close cousin to the full version of Casino Vérité Blackjack. It uses the same ultra-realistic graphics and play, but many of the 500 features in the full version have been removed and the price reduced accordingly. It still remains the best software rendition of casino blackjack for the purposes of card counting practice available, except of course for the full version. And, it can be later upgraded to the full version. Demos of both versions can be found on the Card Counting Downloads Page for comparison. A more detailed description can be found on the CV Blackjack Page. The chart below briefly compares the features of the two products:


Casino Verite Blackjack V5.5
Table graphicsPhoto-realistic, 3D look with realistic table, shoe and discard trays.† Same
Card graphicsCards are in 3D laying on the table at an angle. The tops are smaller than the bottoms to indicate the angle. Dealer cards are smaller as they are farther. Face cards are 64,000 color images.Same
Chip graphicsOne set of 3D chips. 18 different stacks can be displayed per player to show realistic betting and payoffs. Many sets and sizes of realistic looking chips.
AnimationSophisticated chip and card animation to show the flow of payoffs, betting, insurance, side bets, card flow etc. Also the shoe and discard tray are independently animated. Also a professionally animated assistant to explain screens, provide warnings and point out errors.Same
Table formatsOne basic table format with modifications for over/under. For card counting practice, three table formats. Also, different formats for multi-action and various side bet games.
Table sizes One table size. 800x600. Variable table sizes to fit the various monitor resolutions and aspects.
Seats4 1, 4, or 6.

Strategies for Counting Cards

Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Included Playing Strategies for counting cards Basic, Knock-Out, Zen, Complete Zen, Unbalanced Zen 2, Expert, Red Seven, Basic Omega II, Advanced Omega II, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, Basic High-Low, Complete High-Low, High-Low with Aces, Halves, Halves with Aces, KISS, Silver Fox, Spanish 21, Super Fun† 21,Mentor, all with permission of the respective authors. Same
Specialty Strategies None Support for Over/Under, Lucky Ladies, Red/Black, Royal Match, Hand Interaction, Double Exposure and hole carding. Customized side bet strategies.
Support for unusual indexes 45 special indexes supported (like stand unless 678 possible) Also up to 400 custom composition-dependent plays can be added.
Expert Strategies supported Insurance Cover Insurance Cover, Multi-parameter tables, Counting by Inference, different indexes by deck depth
Betting Strategy options Standard betting, spread to multiple hands Highly complex cover betting, spread to multiple hands, different betting schemes by deck depth.
Side Counts None In addition to multi-parameter counts, Ace side count for betting or play, Insurance side count, O/U 13 side count, Separate betting count


Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Method of playUse mouse to signify plays with natural movements, Bet, DD, Insurance, split and side bets by dragging chips. Can also use keyboard, keypad, right-click or control bar.Same

Blackjack Rules & Variations

Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Rules About 100 A few more
Specialty games Over/under 13, Spanish 21, Double Exposure. O/U 13 includes different table graphics and animations Over/under 13, Spanish 21, Lucky Ladies, Blackjack Switch, Double Exposure, Royal Match, Red/Black, Super 7ís, Bust Out, Seven & Ĺ, Super Fun 21, 21 Madness. Each side bet game includes different table graphics and animations.
Custom Bonuses No Yes, custom side bets and bonuses with a new library of side bets.
Unusual plays Partial Insurance, partial double down, surrender after double, hit after double Same


Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Screen statsIn-depth pop-ups appear only when the mouse hovers over hot-spots. Removed otherwise to keep the table clean. Users can customize the pop-ups. Same. Plus, on larger monitors a configurable dashboard with custom mini-charts can be displayed.
Long-term statsNoneAll plays logged to an included Access database. 21 tables can be displayed from the database. 20 charts also included. Queries can be issued to display subsets of the data. Logs and subsets of logs can be displayed. Maintenance screen provided for database. All stats are divided into sessions within trips within users.
Error tablesSeparate Play & Drill. You can set the drills to exercise you on errors made during play or drills. Same plus you can keep error tables from session to session. Also, the cost of errors is caluclated and charted. and error logs are kept.

Casino Database

Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Included casinos740 casinos with 1,170 rule sets740 casinos with 1,170 rule sets
MapsLas Vegas, Atlantic City and seventeen state maps showing casino locations and summarizing penetration and advantage with color coding.Same
Trackjack LinkCan download rules from Trackjack online database if you are a subscriber.Same


Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
CalculatorsAdvantage calculator, Dealer Probabilities and TC calculatorsSame plus a set of Risk of Ruin and Bankroll calculators.
Casino JournalNoCVJournal allows posting of real casino results with custom fields, custom stats and various selection methods. Multiple players and multiple games allowed. The ability to import and export journals to share with team leaders.
Strategy selectionCVSelect aides a user in strategy selection.CVSelect aides a user in strategy selection.


Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Real shufflesOne simple real shuffle is included in addition to a random shuffle. Pop ups allow you to see contents of the discard tray and shoe. Same
Shuffle animationCan be turned on for the included shuffle.Same
Full shuffle-tracking practice and analysisAvailable as an add-in.Available as an add-in.

Drills (Learn how to count cards)

Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
DrillsSimple set of drills. Practice counting cards with 38 drills including simultaneous† side counts, full table drills, chip counting drills, count cards on two tables at once.
CardsFour sets of cards depending on screen size.Four sets of cards depending on screen size.
Discard TraysCustomizable discard trayCustomizable discard tray† plus 95 large photographs of four different style discard trays are included.
StatsSimple Long-term stats and charts to show card counting learning progress over †time
Testing facilityNo CVTest testing facility to identify weak points and show detailed progress over time. Create your own test scripts for your own purposes and import and export them to share with card counting team members or use as a standard method of testing teams members.

Additional Features

Casino Blackjack Verite V5.5
Deck Biases No The problem with playing a BJ PC game, or in a casino or with hand dealt cards at your kitchen table is that 95% of hands are easy. You really don't make great use of your practice time. Biases force unusual conditions more often than would normally occur. Several bias methods are supported. The game also adapts to your errors making better use of your time and speed the learning process.
Expert Methods No Six card peeking options, team play, warped card play
Casino Heat No A complex algorithm is included indicate the amount of casino attention that your play is drawing.
Hand Interaction No You can buy other players' splits and doubles and you will be signaled when you make an incorrect play.
Realism Tipping, Preferential shuffling, randomized penetration, random other player speed, dealer makes obvious plays option, dealer points out stupid plays option, different methods of other player face down actions, tipping, markers Same plus players come and go,† differing methods of handling busted bet chips, randomly changing other player styles.
Dealer errors None Eight types of errors against which you are tested. Very important with newer casinos. Cost of not catching dealer errors is calcuclated.
Miscellaneous Blackjack rounded up, many methods of calculating true counts Same plus Counterís nightmare (makes counting cards as hard as possible,) no numbers on cards option
Printed Manual No Professionally printed 120 page manual.
Price $47 $90
Investment protection Upgradeable to Casino Blackjack Verite V5 currently for $47 You are already thereJ

A more detailed description can be found on the CV Blackjack Page.

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