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Chapter Plus One: REKO Card Counting Strategy67

The REKO strategy68

Initial Running Count 71



+2 and Higher Strategy73

Do-It-Yourself Charts74

How to Count 77

Customizing REKO.77


Practice Drills78

Software Counting Drills79

Flashcard Drills82

CVTest 82

Playing the Practice Game83

Chapter Plus Two: The FELT Count85

Level II 85

Initial Running Count 86

True Count 87



Index Tables89

FELT-Full 91

Why FELT?91

Practice Drills92

Software Counting Drills92

Flashcard Drills92

Discard Tray Drills92

True Count Conversion Drill 94

True Count Counting Drill 94

Practice Game94

True Count Calculation The Whole Story95

Chapter Plus Three: Performance Comparisons99

Comparison Methodology SCORE99

Parallel Simulation100

Penetration Charts100

REKO, FELT Performance101

REKO-Full, FELT-Full Comparisons104

Basic Rule Differences105


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